Integrate WebSign by URL redirection

For integrating signing into your application, our recommendation is to redirect directly to Bulksign for the signing part and configure it to redirect back to your website/application afterwards.


The other option is to "host" WebSign in an iframe in your application . But the problem with this approach is that web browsers are blocking 3rd party cookies by default, so this approach requires workarounds to work.

Here are the steps needed for this type of integration :

  • after sending the envelope, you can obtain the signing URL for the current signer (or for all signers in bulk mode) by calling the "GetEnvelopeDetails" API method. The response contains the URL in a property called "SigningUrl". Redirect to that url to allow signing.

  • to redirect back after signing you need to configure the redirect url :

a) If you are developing a "global" / per organization integration which requires the same redirect for all signers, this can be configure from Settings \ Signing. The option name is "Allow signer to download documents after signing is finished". Choose "Redirect" and enter the redirect url.

b) If you need to configure this redirect at the envelope level, this can be done when sending the envelope with the SendEnvelope API.

Sample code :

            envelope.OverwriteSignSettings = new SignSettingsApiModel()
                DocumentDownload = SignerDownloadDocumentActionTypeApi.RedirectToUrl,
                DocumentDownloadRedirectUrl = ""

Please also this Github sample code which highlights all available options.