Edit drafts in incognito mode

Bulksign supports an integration mode which allows you to create a draft from API, then open it for editing directly in your application without the user having to be logged in Bulksign.


Please note that the SAAS version of Bulksign doesn't support draft editing in incognito mode inside iframes. If needed, the OnPremise version can be configured to support iframes by setting the session cookie mode value to "None" in WebDashboard appsettings.json configuration file.

This is how it works :

  • call CreateDraft API to create the draft and enable the edit in incognito mode feature of the draft by setting :
   EnableEditIncognitoMode = true
  • this also works for drafts created from UI, this is the option :


Please note that drafts created using CreateDraftFromFile / CreateDraftFromBase64File APIs have the EnableEditIncognitoMode enabled by default

  • after the draft is created, redirect the user to the URL which opens the incognito mode edit :

If you are using the Bulksign .NET SDK, you can invoke the GetUrlForDraftEditInIncognitoMode method to obtain the URL.


You can specify a custom UI language for incognito mode by adding the @lng={{LanguageCode}} parameter to the incognito URL

  • after the user edits the draft, he can send the envelope for signing.

There are 2 options specifically for incognito envelopes that you should be aware of :

  • in Settings\Policies, there is a option called "Enable redirect to external URL after envelope is created in incognito mode". Enabling that option allows you to set an URL to which the user is redirected after creating an envelope in incognito mode.

  • in Settings\WebHooks there is a option called "Send callback when envelope is created by user from incognito mode". If that option is enabled,

  • you will receive a "Envelop Status" callback with the action set to "Created".

The following operations are NOT possible for drafts edited in incognito mode :

  • draft cannot be deleted

  • "Save As Template" is removed

  • "Save and Exit" is removed

  • "Upload From Cloud" is removed

  • "Use Template" is removed