Integration FAQ

Is there any sample code to describe different integration scenarios ?

Yes, please see this sample Github repository

Can i open the document to sign immediately aftering sending it ?
  • send the bundle using the SendBundle API. For a serial bundle, this will return the access code for the first signer. For a bulk bundle, the result will contain a array with all access codes for all recipients.

  • if you're using the .NET Bulksign SDK , please use the "GetOpenBundleForSigningUrl" method to obtain the url and redirect to it. If you're not using the .net sdk, please redirect to{{code}} and replace the {{code}} part with your access code.

Can i disable email notifications for a single recipient ?

Yes. Just set the recipient email to

Can i disable email notifications for all recipients and manage the signing flow from a integration ?

This can be done by setting the DisableNotifications flag when sending a bundle with the API :

bundle.DisableNotifications = true; 

This will disable ALL email notifications and allow the integrator to manage the signing flow using push events

How do i integrate with Bulksign using push events ? Can i consume these events using something else than HTTP/S ?

Bulksign exposes different "events" for recipients and bundles while they are ocurring. These are the described in detail here. By default the events are exposed using HTTP/S, but using the Extensibility API , a custom provider can be written to expose the events using custom protocols.

Can i use my own SMS gateway with Bulksign ?

Yes, this is possible in the private instance and on-premise version versions of Bulksign. See this GitHub sample to get you started.

Can i use my private email server to send email notifications ?

Yes, for private instance and on-premise version versions.

Is the Bulksign platform extensible ? Can i replace different parts of the functionality ?

Absolutely. Extending the platform is done by implementing specific interfaces defined in our extensibility library . See also the Extensibility section

Is the Bulksign platform modular ?

Yes, absolutely. Modularity if one of the core design decisions of the Bulksign platform. The platform is loose coupled and allows the replacement of different "components". You can use, for instance, the bundle routing "component" and integrate a new UI and signer notification scheduler in your solution.

Can i redirect the user after he signs to my own website ?

Yes, configure the redirection url in Settings / Signing Redirection or set per bundle redirection by seetting the ClientRedirectionUrl.

Can i redirect the user to my own website when he logs off ?

Yes, this is possible on the private instance and on-premise version. Run the settings configuration utility and set the url value for the setting named LogOffRedirectionUrlForHostedVersion

Can i import users from Active Directory ?

Yes, the on-premise version allows importing the users from Active Directory. We provide a GUI tool to quickly import the users.

How can i add text annotations to documents ?

Please see the full sample code on Github Here's some sample code for this :

                BulksignNewAnnotation annCustom = new BulksignNewAnnotation
                    Height = 300,
                    PageIndex = 1,
                    Left = 10,
                    Top = 650,
                    FontSize = 28,
                    Type = BulksignAnnotationType.Custom,
                    CustomText = "Annotation with custom text spaning multiple lines of text because the text is too long"

                BulksignNewAnnotation annSenderName = new BulksignNewAnnotation
                    Height = 100,
                    PageIndex = 1,
                    Left = 10,
                    Top = 900,
                    FontSize = 28,
                    Type = BulksignAnnotationType.SenderName

                BulksignNewAnnotation annOrganization = new BulksignNewAnnotation
                    Height = 100,
                    PageIndex = 1,
                    Left = 10,
                    Top = 940,
                    FontSize = 28,
                    Type = BulksignAnnotationType.OrganizationName

There are 4 types of annotations supported :

  • Custom : allows you to enter a custom text
  • OrganizationName : will output the name of the Bulksign organization from which the bundle is sent
  • SenderName : will ouptut the name of the sender
  • SenderEmail : will ouptut the email of the sender

The position of the text in the page is done with Top/Left properties, while "Height" sets the vertical size of the text. For long text that you expect to wrap on multiple lines, please set a high height value (like shown in the sample text above).

Here is how the text annotations look like when applied to the pdf :

Is there a easy way to determine the position (top and left) of the new form fields ?

Yes, take a screenshot of the pdf document page and open it in a graphics editor application (something like for example) . Make sure the ruler feature is enabled , and the mouse curor position should be shown in the statusbar. Just move the mouse cursor where you would like to position the form field and save the values.