SAAS instance FAQ


Q: Are my documents encrypted at rest ?

Yes, all customer PDF documents are stored on disk AES encrypted.

Q: Is the connection to secure ?

Yes :

  • unencrypted connections are NOT supported (no HTTP, you will be redirected automatically to HTTPS)

  • we only support TLS 1.3 and 1.2 with PFS as the preferred ciphers. Currently older ciphers are still supported for a limited time to accommodate customers which cannot yet use the PDF cipher suites.

- this can be validated directly by running the SSLlabs validator.

Q: Which service is being used to send the mails ? What is their GDPR policy ?

We are using Mailjet, please see here their GDPR policy


Q: What happens if my license expires ?

The account will be switched to a "FREE" license and document retention will be enabled. After this, you'll have 15 days to download all the completed envelopes documents before they are deleted.