Long term document handling

Once an envelope documents have been signed, our recommendation is to obtain the signed documents and store those in your document management system.

This can be accomplished in multiple ways :

  • if you are using an integration which receives callbacks/pooling (like our recommended integration sample ), you can use DownloadCompletedDocuments API to obtain the envelope signed documents and move them to the document management system. After this use DeleteEnvelope API to delete the envelope.

  • another option (strictly for on-premise version) is to implement an ICompletedEnvelopeBackupProvider provider. This provider runs in Bulksign and implementing this provider gives you access to the envelope completed documents to be sent to the document management system.

  • last option is to use the EnvelopeDownloader application to download all signed documents locally (this also supports downloading all completed envelope documents from all organization users).

Cleaning up the envelopes can be done in 2 ways :

  • after envelope documents have been stored in the document management system, delete the envelope using the DeleteEnvelope API.

  • enabling the Document Retention option. With this option enabled, the envelopes will be deleted automatically after the configured period of time elapses.