Document Retention

The "Document Retention" features allows you to manage auto expiration for all your documents. If this feature is enabled, the documents will be automatically deleted from Bulksign after the configured time elapses. Minimum allowed value is 3 days while maximum one is 90 days.


Note : Please make sure you have a way to download the completed envelope files before enabling this option.

The deletion date of the document is calculated based on the document start date to which the configured retention days value is added. Basically :

  • Drafts : Deletion date is calculated starting from the date of the draft creation

  • Envelopes completed, expired and canceled: These are removed started from the date in which the envelope become completed/expired/canceled.

  • Templates : not affected by document retention.

After the envelopes are removed, the sender will find a event log entry for each removed envelope.


Note : This feature is enabled by default for FREE accounts and cannot be changed. The documents are removed after 15 days.