The teams feature allows the organization administrator to group users into teams and share and collaborate on documents. Sharing of the documents is possible in 2 ways :


The team itself is hierarchical and the users at the top of the hierarchy (users with lower indexes) can see the documents of all users with higher indexes.

Share All

All team members share each others documents.


  • To which type of documents does a team member has access ?

Team members have access to the drafts and envelopes.

  • What can team members do with the other documents ?

All operations are allowed for team members (changing file, recipients, adding signature fields etc). The only operation which is not allowed for a team member is deleting the envelope\draft\template. The delete can ONLY be done by the document creator.

  • Does team access also applies to API ?


  • If a team member cancels an envelope, how can the organization administrator find out who did the operation ?

Open the EventLog and filter by the "EnvelopeCancel" event and "All" users. The search for the envelope id and the "Name" column shows the name of the user which performed the cancel.