Release FAQ

What does the BulksignSDK and Bulksign ExtensibilitySDK version numbers represent ?

Those list the specific versions of the SDK and ExtensibilitySDK which are linked to this specific release.

Why does the BulksignSDK/ExtensibilitySDK version number sometimes match and other times don't match the Bulksign release ?

The version numbers for BulksignSDK and ExtensibilitySDK are bumped when there are changes done to them. So,if the version number of the BulksignSDK matches the Bulksign release number it means that release has API changes. And obviously the same thing applies to ExtensibilitySDK.

If i develop my own Bulksign extensibility plugin, how does changes to ExtensibilitySDK affect me when updating Bulksign ?

Your plugin will continue to work with the updated Bulksign version (even if was built/linked to an older ExtensibilitySDK release).

If I develop my own Bulksign integration with the BulksignSDK, how does changes to BulksignSDK affect me when updating Bulksign ?

Our SDK is backwards compatible so your integration will continue to work the same after Bulksign is updated. If the new version adds new features which are also exposed in the API, you must update your integration to use the newer SDK if you want to access these new features.

What does DatabaseSchemaChanges flag mean ?

If this flag is set to "True" it means that specific Bulksign release has changes to the database schema.