Obtain dynamically a authentication user key

For "per user" integrations, it's possible to obtain a user API authentication key directly from your application using a simplified OAuth like process.

Here are the steps :

  • obtain your application specific key from the Bulksign instance administrator.

  • from your application redirect to {{BulksignInstanceRootUrl}}/connect/index/?key={{your_key}}&type={{type}}

The "type" parameter dictates how the authorization key will be returned to you. The possible values are :

  • "body" : the key will be returned as JSON in the response body.
   Token: 'value_of_the_key'
  • "header" : the key will be returned in the response header called "Authorization".

  • the "type" contains a redirect url. That redirect url should contain a placeholder called "{{#token#}}" and the placeholder will be replaced with the key value.

Depending on the user's choice , the response will be redirected to :

  • /Denied : the user doesn't want to grant access to your application.

  • /Granted : user has granted access, check for the API key

  • /InvalidRequest : your request was invalid, make sure the key is correct.

An example of this working in practice is available in our BulksignDesktop application.