Error codes :

If the request fails for some specific reason, Bulksign API returns an error code and message which specifies which error was encountered.
For example :

     ErrorMessage : "The specified envelope must be in Completed state",
     ErrorCode: 26

Recommendations :

  • property "IsSuccess" determines if the request failed or not. That should be checked for each API request.

  • if the request failed, please log the error code, message and the RequestId on the integration side. For on-premise version, you can use the RequestId value to search the "api.log" file and find out more details.

The list with all error codes is included in our DotNet SDK and also available on Github

Generic Errors :

Code Message
-1   Internal error, please contact us with the RequestId.
1   Your FREE license does not allows you to call the API (SAAS version only)
2   Missing authentication details (for REST API make sure you include the authentication header in the request)
3   Invalid authentication credentials
101   For API method ## a global API key cannot be used for authentication. Please authenticate with personal/organization API key

Validation Errors

4   Input is invalid. Please check all passed values to make sure they are correct.
6   Invalid envelope/draft/template id or invalid access
7   Parameter has invalid value
18   No recipients specified.
19   No documents specified.

License Errors

20   Your subscription doesn't allow you to create new drafts/templates. Please upgrade your subscription to create new drafts/templates
21   Your subscription doesn't allow you to create new envelopes. Please upgrade your subscription to send new envelopes
22   Your subscription doesn't allow you to have client redirection urls. Please upgrade your subscription to have access to this feature

SendEnvelope Specific Errors

22   The value for field ## is invalid, the maximum allowed length is ##
31   Bulk envelopes must have at least 2 recipients
32   Cannot have non signing recipients in bulk envelope
33   Multiple recipients in serial envelope have the same index
34   No authorization password set for recipient ##
35   Password for recipient ## is too long. Max length is ##
36   Language ## not found, is not among the usable languages in your organization. Either leave field empty for default language or pass a valid language code (en-US for example).
41   Invalid input. Must be base64 encoded file content
44   File with index ## has no content specified. Please use FileContentByteArray, FileContentBase64String or FileIdentifier to set the file's content
45    ## is a invalid file identifier
70   Multiple file sources were specified for document ##. Please specify only one : FileIdentifier, FileContentByteArray or FileContentBase64String
71   Failed to read file's content from NetworkShare
92   FileNetworkShare input can only be used on the OnPremise version of Bulksign