Error codes :

Example on how the API returns the error code + message

      Message : "The specified envelope must be in Completed state",
      Code: 26

List will all error codes exposed by API. This list is also included in our DotNet SDK and available on Github

Code Message
-1 Internal error. The message contains a unique ID for this error, please contact us with the id.
1 Your FREE license does not allows you to call the API (SAAS version only)
2 Missing authentication details (for REST API make sure you include the authentication header in the request)
3 Invalid authentication details
4 Input is invalid. Please check all passed values to make sure they are correct.
5 Operation failed
6 Invalid envelope/draft/template id or invalid access
7 Parameter has invalid value
19 No recipients or documents specified. Invalid input.
20 Your subscription doesn't allow you to create new drafts/templates. Please upgrade your subscription to create new drafts/templates
21 Your subscription doesn't allow you to create new envelopes. Please upgrade your subscription to send new envelopes
22 Your subscription doesn\'t allow you to have client redirection urls. Please upgrade your subscription to have access to this feature
23 Maximum email body length is 1000 chars
24 Maximum email subject length is 150 chars
25 Document filename is required
26 Specified envelope must be in completed state
27 Recipient with specified email was not found in envelope with id
28 Sign step not found for recipient with email
29 The specified envelope must have status InProgress to perform the required action
30 Invalid file, content is empty
31 Bulk envelopes must have at least 2 recipients. If you want to send a envelope to a single recipient please call the SendBundle API method.
32 Cannot have non signing recipients in bulk envelope
33 Multiple recipients have the same index
34 No authorization password set for recipient
35 Password for recipient ## is too long. Max length is 30
36 Language not found, is not among the usable notification languages in your organization. Either leave field empty for default language or pass a valid language (en-US for example)
37 Reminder expiration day value must be between 1 and ##
38 Reminder recurrent day value must be between 1 and ##
40 Error occurred while analyzing the file. Make sure file is not password protected
41 Invalid input. Must be base64 encoded file content
42 Both DisableNotifications and RemindersEnabled are true. No point in having reminders enabled if notifications are disabled. Please choose one of them
43 Notifications are enabled but NotificationOptions is not set
44 File content is empty
45 File content has values in both ContentAsBase64String and ContentBytes. Please set the value of only one of them, no need to specify both
50 The field value is too large. The message will contain the invalid field name and the max allowed value
51 The envelope is in a invalid state for the required operation
52 Cannot replace a recipient which already has a sign step
53 Too many recipient have the same index
54 Receive Copy recipient cannot be deleted, no remaining signers left
55 Signer already finished / rejected his sign step and cannot be deleted
56 Recipient identifier is invalid
57 Cannot replace recipient, has pending delegation
58 InviteUserToOrganization api method cannot be used when ActiveDirectory synchronization is enabled
59 Specified id is invalid, does not belong to a envelope
60 The current license prevents adding new users
61 No recipient found with index ##
62 No file found with index ##
63 CustomFileAccess can be used only when FileAccessMode is set to 2/Custom
64 The specified pdf field name is invalid
65 Overwritting the PDF form field values failed
66 Specified envelope is in completed state, please invoke GetFinishedDocuments
99 Field validation failed.