Q : Can i send automatically the finished signed document to all signers ?

A : Yes, each bundle has a toogable option that ,if enabled, will send the finished document to all signers. This works for both bundle types : serial and bulk.

Q : Can i send automatic reminders to signers ?

A: Yes, automatic reminders are supported (you, as a sender, set the recurrance of days in which these notifications will be sent). Manual reminders are also supported. You are limited to 1 reminder per day.


Q: Can i share these templates between my organization members?

A: Yes

Signing flows

Q : What signing flows are supported ?

A : Bulksign support 2 distinct signing flows :

  • serial flow : multiple signers will sign same document one after another.
  • bulk flow : multiple signers will each sign a copy of the input document.

Q: Can i "protect" the documents to be signed ?

A: Yes, we support protecting the documents in 2 ways :

  • with password. You, the document sender, can set a password and the signer will have to

  • by SMS pin : we send a temporary access pin using SMS to the signer's phone number. The document can only be accessed with that pin.

Q: Is form filling supported ?

A: Yes, besides signing documents, form filling is also supported.

General functionality

Q: Can i send multiple pdf documents at once to be signed ?

A : Yes, multiple documents can be bundled together. See the "Bundle" definition

Q: I don't have a pdf document. Can i still use Bulksign ?

A: Absolutely, we support all MS Office, text and images as input and convert those to pdf documents.

Q: I want signers to use sign the documents with my own certificate instead of the Bulksign certificate. Is it possible ?

A: Yes.

Q: My documents are usually in the cloud. Can i import them ?

A: Absolutely. We support Dropbox, OneDrive and Box. Others will be added soon.

Q: I usually send documents to sign to the same people. Is there a way to save their details in Bulksign?

A: Absolutely. You have access to a recipients address book

Q: Which options are set per bundle ?

A : The following options are created per bundle and changing them has no influence on already sent bundles :