Sending for signing a new bundle

From the home dashboard page, click the "New" dropdown to start sending a new document for signing :


You have available the following options :

  • Send a new document or bundle : choose this to send a document (or a collection or documents grouped in a bundle) for signing.

  • Sign a document : choose this option if you want to sign a document. See also self sign

  • Use a template : choose this option to use a existing template

Click the first option to continue the sending process (by clicking "Send a new document or bundle" you are creating a draft)

Adding recipients and documents

In the first step of the sending process, you'll have the following options :


Adding Documents

  • Upload : upload a document to sign directly from your computer.

  • From Cloud : get a document to sign from one of the supported cloud providers : Dropbox, Box or OneDrive.

  • From Template : use a existing template and import the list of files and recipients from that template into the current draft.

Adding Recipients

Please also see the recipients section.

Depending on the type of bundle you want , either click "Add Recipient" or "Add Bulk Recipient". Recipients can be added from 3 sources :

  • Direct : add the recipient details directly.

  • Self : add yourself as a recipient.

  • Contact List : select the recipient from the contacts list.

  • CSV file : import a csv file with multiple recipients (this is only for bulk bundle).

Recipient information

Here is the information required for each recipient:

recipient details

  • Name : he recipient's full name.

  • Email address : the recipient's email address (make sure is spelled correctly because the sign notification is sent by email).

  • Recipient Type : the type of the recipient. See also this for more details

  • Recipient Authorization : add specific authorization for recipient. See also this for more details

  • Personal Message : add a personal message specific for the current recipient.

Draft and Notifications Options

recipient details

The following options are available for a draft :

  • Name : the name of the draft. After sending it for signing will become the bundle name.

  • Send finished documents to all signers : Enable this to send a copy of finished documents (signed by all signers) to all signers which are part of the bundle.

  • Allow Recipient Delegation : Enable this to allow signers to delegate signing.

  • Reminders : reminders for recipients can be enabled from here. The following options are available :

  • Send reminders every x days : the recipient who haven't signed the document will receive a "reminder" email notification.

  • Warn signers x days before the document expires : the signers will receive a final "warning" email that the document will expire soon.

  • Expiration : the expiration date (in number of days) can be set for the document here. Maximum allowed value is 36 days.

Assigning Signature Fields

After adding the recipients, click Next to assign signature fields for recipients.

Depending on the number of recipients, when the "assign fields" page" is opened, the following options are available :

  • for a single recipient, all form fields found in the document will be assigned to that recipient.

  • if there are multiple recipients, the following dialog will pop up :

designer This will allow the user to assign all form fields to a specific recipient. If the user doesn't want to do the assignment (and prefers to the assignment manually, he can click "Cancel").

Manual field assignment

Clicking on any of the document fields will show a popup that allows the user to manually assign the fields to a specific recipient



Note : all signer recipients must have at least 1 signature field assigned before the bundle can be sent for signing.

If all the recipient data is correct, click the "Send" button in top right corner top to send the documents for signing.