Signature Types

Bulksign supports multiple signature types, each type of signature has a certain behavior associated to it. Out of the box, the following signature types are supported :

ClickToSign :

ClickToSign represents the simplest way for the signer to sign. The user has to just click the signature field and the signature is applied.


You have the option to ask the signer to confirm before signing. Navigate to Settings \ Signing and enable the option "Ask signer for confirmation when signing with ClickToSign or Bulksign profile signature".


DrawToSign allows the user the option to capture the signature in 2 distinct ways :

  • TypeToSign : the signature image is generated based on the signer's name.

  • DrawToSign : the signer can draw his signature.


This signature type is required when the signer has to sign with a USB token / smart card certificate.


This type of signature requires the signer to install the CertificateHub application.


The OTP signature type is similar to clickToSign, except it has built-in SMS OTP authentication.


The Stamp signature allows the signer to sign with an predefiend stamp/image. There are 2 options available :

  • Signer Upload : the signer has to upload an image with his signature.

  • Predefined Stamp : the envelope sender is choosing the image by selecting a predefined stamp.


Note that the Stamp signature is the only signature type to which the Visual Customization does NOT apply.