Certificate Hub


Required OS : Windows 7/8/10/11

Current Version : 1.4.1

Download Application

Log Files Location : C:\ProgramData\BulksignCertificateHub\Logs


Bulksign CertificateHub allows the signer to sign documents with a local (smart card/USB token) certificate.


The middleware software of the smartcard/USB token must add the certificate to the Windows Certificate Store to be useable with Bulksign.


How can i upgrade to the latest version of CertificateHub ?

First, please uninstall the current version. Close the application if it's already running and then uninstall the application from control panel (the name of the application is Bulksign CertificateHub).

After this please download the installer from https://bulksign.com/sign/CertificateHub.msi and install it.

I have install the smartcard/USB token middleware but i still cannot see the certificate when trying to sign. What can i do ?

Please note that some middleware requires an extra action to import the certificate in the Windows Certificate Store. Please refer to your USB token/smartcard vendor documentation about how to accomplish this.

For example for bit4id , this can be accomplished by clicking the "Register certificates" button.

How can i check if the certificate has been added to the Windows Certificate Store ?

Start \ Run and type "certmgr.msc" . This will open the Windows Certificate Store. Expand the "Personal" section of the certificate store and check if the USB token certificate is present there.