Signing Flows :

Bulksign supports 3 main signing flows/scenarios :


In this type of flow, all signers will sign the same document in the sequence defined by the sender. This flow supports all the other recipient types : "Receive Copy", "Approver" and "Automatic Signer"


In this flow, each signer will sign a copy of the document independent one of another.


This type of flow is similar with serial except there is no predefined order of signing. ALL signers receive the signing emails at the same time and the first one to open it will "lock" the document (until it finishes signing or the lock expires). The other supported recipient type is "Receive Copy".

"Unlocking" the recipient is handled in 2 ways :

  • automatic : Bulksign will automatically unlock the envelope and allow the other recipients access to it. On, this will be done after 24h. For on-premise version, this is configurable

  • manual : the envelope sender can manually unlock the envelope at any time.

From UI this can be done by clicking the red lock icon :

With the API, this can be done by calling "UnlockConcurrentRecipient"


Unlocking the envelope to allow access for other recipients will REVERT ALL DOCUMENT CHANGES done by the recipient which locked the document.


It's not possible to use access code for concurrent envelopes. The only way to access the documents is with the signing link