The Bulksign platform is configurable with our configuration tool. Run it from c:\Program Files\Bulksign\Tools\SettingsEditor\SettingsEditor.exe

System settings

  • DatabaseConnectionString
    Description : The SQL Server database connection string
    Type : string

See also Database section for configuring the connection string with a trusted connection

  • DatabaseCommandTimeout
    Description : The database command execution timeout
    Type : integer
  • StorageLocation
    Description : The path of the location where documents are kept
    Type : string

See also Storage section for configuring the storage location with a network share

  • FromEmailAddress
    Description : The email address used for sending emails. 
    Type : string
  • JobMaximumRetries
    Description : How many failed jobs retry
    Type : integer
    Default Value: 5
  • JobsDailyTaskStartHour
    Description : The hour (in format 0 - 23) at which the daily tasks start running
    Type : integer
    Default Value : 0 
  • EnableLoadingExternalLocalizationFiles
    Description : Flag to determine if the Bulksign platform external localization files are used
    Type : boolean
  • AccountPasswordSalt
    Description: The salt used for hashing the user password before being written to DB. Please note that this SHOULD NOT be changed after setting the initial value because the user accounts will be invalidated.
  • TimeToKeepTemporaryFilesInMinutes
    Description : The timespan (in minutes) the documents uploaded with APIs AnalyzeFile/AnalyzeFileBase64 are kept.
    Type : integer
  • SignStepApiKeys
    Description : Set API keys to access the signing API. Leave this empty to entirely disable access to signing API for 3rd party applications.
    Type : string array
  • DashboardApiKeys
    Description : Global API authentication keys. These will supersede the organization API keys and user specific keys. Only enable this for GLOBAL Bulksign integrations which span multiple organizations.
    Type : string array
  • HttpRequestCommandTimeout
    Description : The HTTP requests timeout for all HTTP requests done from Bulksign (setting value is in seconds).
    Type : integer
  • ImageOutputFormat
    Description : The image format of the PDF pages. Can be "png" (the default) or "jpeg"
    Type : string
  • ReminderPeriodHours
    Description : Configures the number of minimum number of hours between signer reminders 
    Type : number
  • ImprintCustomFontNames
    Description : Allows the configuration of custom fonts to be used for signature imprints
    Type : string array

To be useable by Bulksign, the fonts need to be installed in the Windows Fonts folder. When installing the font make sure you're using "Install for all users"

  • AddBulksignMetadataToSignatureFields
    Description : Flag to determine if Bulksign envelope specific metadata is embedded into the signature field when it is signed. If enabled the following info is added :

    - the envelope identifier
    - the sign step identifier
    - the Bulksign signature type identifier  (ClickToSign, DrawToSign etc).

    Type : boolean


    Description : Determines if Google Captcha v2 is enabled or not. The following values are available :

    Enabled: Flag which sets if the captcha is enabled or not. Set to true/false
    SiteKey: Set the Captcha site key 
    PrivateKey: Set the Captcha private key
    Score : The value of the captcha score which determines when the captcha score is valid. Value must be between 0 and 1.
    If enabled, the captcha will be used for the following pages :
    - login
    - register account
    - forgot password
    - access signing document with the access code
    - enter password to authenticate for signing    


    Description : determines of IP address autoblocking is enabled or not. The following values are available :
    Enabled: Flag which sets if the captcha is enabled or not. Set to true/false
    Hours: Period of time (in hours) for which the ip will be blocked
    InvalidRequests: Number of "invalid requests" allowed before the block is enabled.


    Description : Flag which determines what happens when the timestamping procedure fails. If this value is set to "true", the signing process continues successfully despite the timestamping error. If it's set to "false", the signing process will fail. 
    Type : boolean


  • SigningUrl
    The external URL of the signing application (Bulksign WebSign). The URL is used in the emails sent to signers.
  • MainSiteUrl
    The external URL of Bulksign Dashboard application. The URL is used in the notification emails.
  • LogOffRedirectionUrl
    URL to which Bulksign will redirect when a user logs off  (this is optional).

Functionality settings
  • CertificateHubPort
    Description : Configures the port used by the CertificateHub application.  If you change the default value please keep in mind the port values must also be changed in the CertificateHub config file (this should be done in file).
    Type : number
    Default Value : 4811
  • AuditTrailFontLanguages
    Description : This setting allows you to configure the font used for the AuditTrail. You can either configure same font to be used for all languages, or each language to use different fonts. 
    Type : array

    Example : 

        "AuditTrailFontLanguages" :[
            "Language" : "",    //empty Language value will apply to all languages the specified font.
            "Path" :"",
            "FontName" : ""
            "Language" : "en-US",   // the language for which the font will be used
            "Path" :"c:\\Windows\\Fonts\\SourceSansPro.ttf",   // the path to the font file
            "FontName" : "Source Sans Pro" // the font name 

@alert Notes :

  • to configure the same custom font for all languages, use an empty string for "Language"

  • when using a custom font, the font itself will NOT be embedded in the audit trail PDF. So the font needs to be installed on the machines where the PDF will be viewed. @end

  • DashboardFileFilter

    Description : Allows the configuration of the file selector when uploading documents. If there is no PDF file selector is recommended to allow only PDFs.
    Type : string
    Default Value : .pdf
    With PDF Converter : .pdf,.txt,.html,.ods,.odt,.doc,.docx,.xls,.xlsx,.pptx,.ppt,.jpg,.png,.bmp
  • WebSignAttachmentFileFilter
    Description : Allows the configuration of the file selector for the signer attachments.  
    Type : string
    Default Value : ".jpg,jpeg,.bmp,.png
  • EnableAccessCodes
    Description : If enabled this will allow users to access signing documents by entering its access code.
    Type : boolean
  • ForgotPasswordValidity
    Description : Determines how long the forgot password link will be available (value is in number of hours).
    Type : integer
    Default Value : 24
  • MaximumEnvelopeAvailabilityDays
    Description : The maximum number of days that a envelope can be valid (value is in number of days)
    Type : integer
    Default Value : 36
  • MaxEnvelopeRestartsAllowed
    Description : The maximum number of times a envelope can be restarted after expiration
    Type : integer
    Default Value : 3
  • MaximumAttachmentSizeBytes
    Description : The max allowed size (int bytes) for file attachments. If the attachment size is higher that this value, it will be rejected.
    Type : integer
  • MaximumEmailAttachmentSizeBytes
    Description : The maximum allowed size (in bytes) for attachments sent to ReceiveCopy recipients : 

    - if the value is set to 0, the documents will always be sent as attachments no matter their size.

    - if the attachment size is smaller than this configured value, the files will be sent as attachment.

    - if the attachment size is larger than this configured value , the recipient will receive a link by email which will allow him to download the files.

    Type : integer
  • MaximumAttachmentsPerEnvelope
    Description : The maximum number of attachments that can be added to a envelope
    Type : integer
  • DefaultLocalizationCulture
    Description : Set the default application UI language for Bulksign
    Type : string
    Default : en-US
    Allowed Values : en-US, de-DE, el-GR, es-ES, fr-FR, it-IT, nl-NL, ro-RO, sv-SV
  • DaysUntilExpiringSoon
    Description : The number of days before the envelope is moved to the "Expiring Soon" filter
    Type : integer
    Default Value : 5
  • IsSignupEnabled
    Description : If enabled, allows users can sign-up for new accounts
    Type : boolean
  • MaximumAttachmentSize
    Description : The maximum size of file that can be  attached by a signer  (value is bytes)
    Type : integer
  • MaximumAttachmentsPerEnvelope
    Description :  The maximum number of file attachments allowed per envelope
    Type : integer
  • ItemsPerPage
    Description : The number of items to show in any list that supports paging
    Type : integer
  • AllowDocumentAccessAfterFinish
    Description : Flag to determine if the signers are allowed access to the documents if they re-open the signing link later.
    Type : boolean
    Default Value : false

Enabling this PREVENTS the removal of intermediary files, so ALL files signed by ALL recipients will be kept.If enabled, this will GREATLY INCREASE the number of stored files

  • FollowRedirectionUrlForFinishedSignStep
    Description : Flag to determine what happens when signers is accessing a finished sign step. If this is enabled and the sign step has a redirect URL specified, Bulksign will redirect directly to that URL.
    Type : boolean
  • DefaultSignaturePath
    Description : the path of the default signature image file
    Type : string 
  • EnableIpBan
    Description : Flag to enable IP banning for users which want to access multiple invalid documents.
    Type : boolean
    Default Value : false
  • IpBanHours
    Description : The number of hours to ban the IP address
    Type : integer
    Default Value : 6
  • IpBanMaxInvalidRequests
    Description : The number of maximum requests after which IP banning is triggered. This time interval is based on the "IpBanHours" value
    Type : integer
    Default Value : 30

SMS OTP specific settings

  • OTPValidityMinutes
    Description : The number of minutes that user is allowed to enter the OTP code, after it was sent by SMS
    Type : integer
  • OTPLength
    Description : The number of characters for the generated OTP
    Type : integer
  • OTPMaximumAllowedPerRecipient
    Description : The maximum number of OTPs allowed to be requested by each signer.  Set to 0 to disable this and allow unlimited OTPs to be sent
    Type : integer

If the max number is exceeded, authentication with SMS PIN will be disabled

Cloud providers
  • DropboxKey
    The integration key used to connect to  Dropbox. Leave empty to disable Dropbox integration.
  • Box key
    The integration  key used to connect to Box. Leave empty to disable Box integration.
  • OneDriveClientId
    The OneDrive client id . Leave empty to disable OneDrive integration.

PDF file conversion

  • Converter path
    The path to the application which will convert files to PDF
  • ConverterRetries
    The number of time Bulksign will try to convert the file

Please note that when the configuration file is updated, the Bulksign IIS application pools and Bulksign background service will be restarted so the new changes can be loaded.

ActiveDirectory integration

See Single SignOn with Active Directory section for details on how to configure Active Directory integration