The Bulksign platform is configurable with our configuration tool. Run it from c:\Program Files\Bulksign\Tools\SettingsEditor\SettingsEditor.exe

System settings
  • DatabaseConnectionString
    Description : The Sql Server database connection string
    Type : string

See also Database section for configuring the connection string with a trusted connection

  • DatabaseCommandTimeout
    Description : The database command execution timeout

    Type : integer
  • StorageLocation
    Description : The path of the location where documents are kept

    Type : string


See also Storage section for configuring the storage location with a network share

  • JobMaximumRetries
    Description : How many failed jobs retry

    Type : integer

    Default Value: 5
  • JobsDailyTaskStartHour
    Description : The hour (in format 0 - 23) at which the daily tasks start running

    Type : integer

    Default Value : 0 
Functionality settings
  • ForgotPasswordValidity
    Description : How long is the forgot password link available (value is in number of hours)

    Type : integer

    Default Value : 24
  • MaximumBundleValabilityDays
    Description : The maximum number of days that a bundle can be valid (value is in number of days)

    Type : integer

    Default Value : 36

  • RedirectBundleStepStatusPageToClientRedirectionUrl
    Description : If the organization has a client url defined,the user will be redirected to that url when opening a already signed bundle

    Type : boolean

    Default Value : true
  • DefaultLocalizationCulture
    Description : Set the default application UI culture for Bulksign

    Type : string

    Allowed Values : en-US, de-DE, el-GR, es-ES, fr-FR, it-IT, nl-NL, ro-RO, sv-SV
  • DaysUntilExpiringSoon
    Description : The number of days before the bundle is moved to the "Expiring Soon" filter

    Type : integer

    Default Value : 5
  • IsSignupEnabled
    Description : If enabled, allows users to create new accounts

    Type : boolean
  • MaximumAttachmentSize
    Description : The maximum size of file that can be  attached by a signer  (value is bytes)

    Type : integer
  • MaximumAttachmentsPerBundle
    Description :  The maximum number of file attachments allowed per bundle

    Type : integer
  • ItemsPerPage
    Description : The number of items to show in any list that supports paging

    Type : integer
  • AllowDocumentAccessAfterFinish
    Description : Allow the signer to access the document at a later date afer signing it.

    Type : boolean

    Default Value : false

Enabling this prevents the removal of intermediary files, so all files signed by all recipients will be kept.

  • HttpRequestCommandTimeout
    Description : The http requests timeout for all HTTP requests done from Bulksign (setting value is in seconds).

    Type : integer
  • DefaultSignaturePath
    Description : the path of the default signature image file

    Type : string 
  • SigningApiKeys
    Description : Set api keys to access the signing API. Leave this empty to disable the signing API

    Type : array of string
  • EnableIpBan
    Description : Flag to enable ip banning for users which want to access multiple invalid documents.

    Type : boolean

    Default Value : false
  • IpBanHours
    Description : The number of hours to ban the ip address

    Type : integer

    Default Value : 6
  • IpBanMaxInvalidRequests
    Description : The number of maximum requests after which ip banning is triggered. This time interval is based on the "IpBanHours" value

    Type : integer

    Default Value : 30
SMS settings
  • SMSValidityMinutes
    Description : The number of minutes that user is allowed to enter the authentication code , after it was sent by SMS

    Type : integer

    Default Value : 5
  • SMSMaximumAllowedRetries
    Description : The maximum number of times the user is allowed to request authentication codes by SMS

    Type : integer

    Default Value : 5

If the max number is exceeded, authentication with SMS PIN will be disabled

SMTP Settings
  • SmtpFromEmailAddress
    Description : Set the email address from which the email notifications will be sent

    Type : string

    Example :
  • SmtpHost
    Description : The host 

    Type : string

    Example :
  • SmtpUserName
    Description : User name used to connect to SMTP server

    type : string
  • SmtpPassword
    Description: Password used to connect to SMTP server

    Type : string
  • SmtpPort
    Description : The SMTP server port

    Type : integer
  • SmtpUseSSL
    Description : Flag used to determine if the server connection is using SSL/TSL

    Type : boolean
  • SmtpDeliveryMethod
    Description : Set the SMTP server delivery method

    Type : integer 

    Allowed Values :  1 - Network
                            2 - SpecifiedPickupDirectory
                            3 - PickupDirectoryFromIis
  • SmtpUseDefaultCredentials
    Description : Flag to determine if default credentials are used when connecting to SMTP server

    Type : boolean
ActiveDirectory integration

See Single SignOn with Active Directory section for details on how to configure Active Directory integration

Cloud providers
  • DropboxKey
    The integration key used to connect to  Dropbox. Leave empty to disable Dropbox integration.
  • Box key
    The integration  key used to connect to Box. Leave empty to disable Box integration.
  • OneDriveClientId
    The OneDrive client id 
  • SigningUrl
    The url of the signing application
  • MainSiteUrl
    The url of main Bulksign web application
  • LogOffRedirectionUrl
    The url to which Bulksign will reddirect when a user logs off
PdfFile conversion
  • Converter path
    The path to the application which will convert files to pdf
  • ConverterRetries
    The number of time Bulksign will try to convert the file

Please note that when the configuration file is updated, the Bulksign IIS application pools and Bulksign background service will be restarted so the new changes can be loaded.