Provider Configuration

Parts of the Bulksign functionality is exposed ( and can be extended / changed) using a generic provider model. The configuration for each provider is done in 2 parts :

  • configure the provider type and assembly path (separated by a comma)

Example of configuring the SMS sender provider :

"ISMSProvider" : "Bulksign.Providers.TwilioProvider,c:\\Program Files\\Bulksign\\Settings\\Providers\\Twilio\\Bulksign.Provider.Twilio.dll"
  • the options specific to each provider are configured under the generic "ProviderConfiguration" node :
"ISMSProvider.Twilio.Token": "",
"ISMSProvider.Twilio.SenderPhoneNumber": "", 

The structure of option configuration is done in a string formed by 3 parts :


"ISMSProvider" : this is the type of the provider "Twilio" : this is the name of the provider returnd by the IProvider.Name property "Token" : this is the option name.


Leaving the main provider settings value empty will DISABLE that specific provider


The documentation for all available providers shipped with Bulksign is available here


Documentation about developing your own provider is available here