Install instructions

  • Create a empty database on your SqlServer instance. We recommend, for security purpose, to create a new user in SQL Server and only give him access to the Bulksign database.

  • Unzip the downloaded file,for example,in "c:\bulksigninstall\"

  • Go to c:\bulksigninstall\tools\database\ and run "DatabaseTester.exe".

  • Replace the placeholders with the correct data :

{ServerName} - the SQL Server name

{Bulksign} - the database name

{Name} - the user name with which to connect to the database

{Password} - the password

Click "CONNECT and SAVE" to test the connection string. If data is correct, the message "Database connection is successful " will be shown.

  • edit "settings.ini" and edit the installation paths if needed
SettingsInstallationPath=C:\Program Files\Bulksign\
DashboardInstallationPath=C:\Program Files\Bulksign\WebDashboard\
SignInstallationPath=C:\Program Files\Bulksign\WebSign\
ApiInstallationPath=C:\Program Files\Bulksign\WebApi\
ServiceInstallationPath=C:\Program Files\Bulksign\BackgroundService\

If you set the AdministratorFirstName / AdministratorLastName / AdministratorEmail after the installer is done, a default organization and administrator will be created using the provided data. If a value is set for AdministratorPassword, you can login immediately afterwards with that password, otherwise the user will have to validate his email address (requires SMTP settings to be configured correctly so the email can be sent).

  • Open a powershell command line as administrator (open cmd.exe and type powershell)

  • Navigate to the folder where you unzipped

  • Run .\install_pre.ps1 to install the prerequirments. This will install the VC++ redist and update IIS to inlude the needed settings.

  • Run .\installpremise.ps1 to start the Bulksign installation process

  • When prompted by installer, paste the connection string for the database created at first step. Here's a connection string example : data source={{SqlServerName}};initial catalog=Bulksign;persist security info=True;user id={{userId}};password={{Password}};MultipleActiveResultSets=True

  • Bulksign will be installed in the following path c:\Program Files\Bulksign and the default browser will be opened pointing at the new installation

  • If the settings.ini data was not filled, please follow the on-screen instructions to obtain a evaluation license and start using Bulksign

Update instructions

  • We recommend to backup the existing Bulksign database AND current files

  • Unzip the downloaded somewhere on your hard drive,for example,in "c:\bulksigninstall\"

  • go to the root folder of your current Bulksign installation folder (usuall c:\Program Files\Bulksign) . From there copy "settings.ini" and overwrite the same file from the root of the newly created installation folder.

  • Open a powershell command line as administrator (open cmd.exe and type powershell)

  • Navigate to the folder where you unzipped and run .\update.ps1

  • type "update" to confirm the start of the update process