Overwrite translation texts

It's possible to overwrite the default translation texts for any language.

  • Enable this feature in Bulksign. Run the configuration tool and set the value "c:\program files\Bulksign\languages\" for the setting named "LocalizationOverridePath" .

  • Identify the language code of the language in which you want to overwrite the strings. Bulksign ships with support for the following languages :

English       en-US
German        de-DE
Spanish       es-ES
French        fr-FR
Italian       it-IT
Romanian      ro-RO
Greek         el-GR
Swedish       sv-SE
Netherlands   nl-NL 

For example, if you want to overwrite the greek translation, create a file called language.el-GR.json . Edit the file and insert the overwritten text. For example :

         "Bulksign.Web.Translations.Home.NoTemplates" : "Your custom translation here"