UI Customization for Websign

Navigate to Settings / Visual Customization area. From there you can customize the UI by uploading your organization logo image and enter the CSS to customize the web signing application. See this section for additional details.

Customizing the dashboard application UI

Customizing the Bulksign UI is done by editing the WebDashboard\Custom\custom.css file

Here's a simple example (which changes the main page color and main accent color) :

#mainSignContainer {
    background-color: #FB6542 !important;

#buttonChooseOption {
    background-color: #375E97 !important;
    color: white !important;

.mainColorMixin {
    color: #2C7873 !important;

The result

All UI elements in Bulksign have specific ids to allow for CSS customization.


See also the section about customizing the look of the web signing application