Administration Settings

Please note that this section is accessible only for the organization administrators. Also some settings are available only to specific licenses.



  • Name : set the name of your organization

  • Email template language : the default email template language used for user invitations.

  • Default email subject : Set the default subject of the sign email

  • Default email body : Set the default body of the sign email. You can use the following placeholders :

  • {{#RecipientName#}} : placeholder for recipient name

  • {{#SenderName#}} : placeholder for your name (the name of the document sender)

  • Licensing : shows details about the current Bulksign license.

  • Remove organization account : if you decide to stop using Bulksign from here you can delete the organization account (along with all users and documents).



The organization administrator can manage the organization's users. You can invite new users to join the organization or remove existing users. The following data is required to invite a new user :

  • First Name : the first name of the user

  • Last Name : the last name of the user.

  • Email : the email address of the user. A valid email address is required, the new user will receive a validation email on this address.

  • Is Organization Administrator : a boolean flag that determines if the new user is a organization administrator.

Signature disclosure

signature disclosure

The signature disclosure is optional disclaimer that can be set globally for organization. That disclosure text will be shown to each signer and they must accept it before they can read and sign the document.


Note : The disclaimer text is associated with a bundle when is sent.

Usage Report

usage report

Shows usage details for specific periods of time. Can also export the data to csv.


Signing Settings

  • Enable automatic finishing after all signatures are done : If this is enabled, the document will automatically "finished" after the signer will sign the last signature field. If this is not enabled, the signer is required to click the "Finish" button.

  • Force the signers to read the document before signing : If this is enabled, the user is forced to read the document before being allowed to sign and fill form fields.

Signer Notifications

  • Send email notification to current signers when i cancel a bundle : If this is enabled, the current recipient(s) will receive a email notification if you cancel the bundle.

  • In serial bundle mode, send the recipient his signed document is it not a CC recipient : If this is enabled (and only for serial bundles), the signed document will be sent to the signer, only if the signers is not also a CC recipient.

Signature Overlays

  • Enable Signature Overlay : this allows you to enable the signature overlay settings with the following values:

  • Signer Name : draws the signer name on the signature field.

  • Signer Email : draws the signer email on the signature field.

  • Signer IP : draws the signer ip address on the signature field.

  • Date and time : draws the date and time at which signing occurred. You can also choose the timezone and format of the date.

Here's how a signature with overlay looks like :

Visual Customization

( please note that this option is available only for specific license types )

This allows you to customize/brand the appeareance of the signing application in 2 ways :

  • upload your organization logo to be displayed instead of the default Bulksign logo.

  • with custom CSS the visual appeareance of different UI elements can be customized. Here's a example of a custom css file.

Signing redirection

( please note that this option is available only for specific license types )

This option allows you to set a organization wide url to which the signing application will redirect after users finish the signing process. Please note that this redirection url can be overwritten on a per bundle basis from the API.

Signing Certificate

( please note that this option is available only for specific license types )

From here, you can upload your own custom certificate file (files in pfx/p12 formats are supported), which will be used to sign all documents send from your organization.