Administration Settings

Please note that this section is accessible only for the organization administrators. Also some settings are available only for specific licenses.


Signer Notifications

Send email notification to current signers when i cancel a envelope

If enabled, the current recipient(s) will receive a email notification if you cancel the envelope.

Send email notification to current signers when i delete a in progress envelope

If enabled, when the sender deletes a envelope which is still in progres, remaining signers receive a notiifcation about the envelope deletion.

Signature Imprints

Apply imprint for DrawTypeToSign signatures

If option is enabled, the imprint is applied to DrawTypeToSign.

Apply imprint for signatures done with Bulksign profile

If enabled, applies the signature imprint when signing with a Bulksign signature profile.

Local Certificate Settings

The local certificate must match the recipient name

If this option is enabled, the local certificate used by the signer must be issued with the signer's name.

Enable EUTL validation for CA which emitted the certificate

If this option is enabled, the Certification Authority

Trigger events when integrating WebSign in a iframe

If you integrate WebSign in a iframe, enable this to receive signing events. You can also limit the events to be triggered only when the iframe is hosted on a specific domain.