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At Bulksign we are always looking for partners/integrators/re-sellers. Our digital signatures platform is available to anyone.

Key points

- web based digital signatures platform which enables any company to quickly switch to an all digital-based business process.

- available as SAAS, private instance and on-premise version.

- advanced signatures are available for everyone. Signer authentication can be done with SMS OTP, password or OIDC/SAML providers.

- signing with USB tokens / smart card certificates is supported on Windows IF the certificate is mounted/added in Windows Certificate Store. Requires a small application to be installed.

- QES can be implemented as required with any Certification Authority preferred by customer.

- for on-premise version we specifically support Active Directory user synchronization.

- multi-tenet platform. Multiple separate organizations can be created on the same instance. Furthermore, teams can be created in each organization to enable collaboration for groups of users.

- platform is available in +20 languages.

- comprehensive public documentation

Technical :

- .NET 4.8 based solution and requires Windows Server with IIS for production. Test/development instance can also be installed on Windows 8/10/11.

- supported database server is MS SQL Server (version 2008 or higher)

- for integrating with Bulksign we offer both SOAP and REST API (for REST API we offer a OpenAPI specification). For .NET/Core we offer an SDK available on Nuget Sample C# code which illustrates different uses for our API is available on Github

- all our partners benefit for high quality support for integrating our platform

- highly modular platform. Our Extensibility SDK allows partners and integrators to replace/extend functionality of the platform and integrate the services they need. For example we ship Twilio as a SMS sender component, but support for another provider can quickly be implemented using as a starting point the sample code on Github

Commercial :

- for on-premise version, you as partner decide the final pricing. We have 3 separate licensing models for on-premise :
1) customer buys fixed number of envelopes (usually at fixed price).

2) per usage : customer pays monthly the number of consumed envelopes.

3) unlimited : fixed price for a fixed period of time with unlimited envelopes and users.

- private instances can be deployed for bigger customers. Deployment is done on servers hosted in Europe and instance is managed by us.

- you can re-sell envelopes for our SAAS environment at at partner pricing. Discounts can be negotiated for larger volumes.

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