Legally Binding Signatures Trusted by Users

Bulksign complies with ESIGN/UETA and provides additional security and authentication options above and beyond what is legally required by ESIGN.

Signer Authentication

Information tracked and available to identify signers includes email address they had access to when signing the document, IP address, and exact time of document access. Bulksign also offers the option to use password authentication to any document sent for signature.

Detailed Audit Log

Bulksign also creates and maintains an audit trail, which shows the entire history of a document, including uploading, adding elements, viewing, signing, and who took each of these actions.

Document Retention

Documents are stored on Bulksign secure server in a datacenter with ISO270001 certification. Any user who signed or otherwise took action in connection with a document will be able to view or download a copy of the final PDF e-signed document upon creating a Bulksign account.