Application Logs

Using the default configuration, Bulksign logs on the file system. The default log files path is :

c:\Program Files\Bulksign\Logs\

The log files configuration location is located at

c:\Program Files\Bulksign\Settings\

Each Bulksign component has it's own configuration file :

main.xml : log configuration file for Bulksign Dashboard api.xml : log configuration file for WebApi sign.xml : log configuration file for WebSign service.xml : log configuration file for background service

Configure number of days to keep logs

To save disk space, it's possible to configure the number of days for which to keep the log files. By default Bulksign is configured to keep the log file for the last 120 days. This can be changed by configuring the maxArchiveDays property in each log configuration file :

maxArchiveDays = "120"

Database logging

It's possible to configure Bulksign to log in a database instead of the file-system. Create a new SQL Server database and run the following script :

CREATE TABLE [dbo].[system_logging](
    [system_logging_guid] [uniqueidentifier] ROWGUIDCOL  NOT NULL,
    [entered_date] [datetime] NULL,
    [log_application] [nvarchar](200) NULL,
    [log_date] [nvarchar](100) NULL,
    [log_level] [nvarchar](100) NULL,
    [log_logger] [nvarchar](max) NULL,
    [log_message] [nvarchar](max) NULL,
    [log_machine_name] [nvarchar](max) NULL,
    [log_user_name] [nvarchar](max) NULL,
    [log_call_site] [nvarchar](max) NULL,
    [log_thread] [nvarchar](100) NULL,
    [log_exception] [nvarchar](max) NULL,
    [log_stacktrace] [nvarchar](max) NULL,
    [aspnet_sessionid] [nvarchar](100) NULL,
    [system_logging_guid] ASC
ALTER TABLE [dbo].[system_logging] ADD  CONSTRAINT [DF_system_logging_system_logging_guid]  DEFAULT (newid()) FOR [system_logging_guid]
ALTER TABLE [dbo].[system_logging] ADD  CONSTRAINT [DF_system_logging_entered_date]  DEFAULT (getdate()) FOR [entered_date]

Configure each Bulksign component to use the new DB target :

  • enter the connection string for the database in the tag

  • enter the name of the Bulksign component as the value for @log_application parameter

 <target xsi:type="Database" name="databaseLog" dbProvider="sqlserver" keepConnection="true">

                  insert into system_logging(log_application,log_date,log_level,log_logger,log_message,log_machine_name, log_user_name, log_call_site, log_thread, log_exception, log_stacktrace) values(@log_application, @time_stamp, @level, @logger, @message,@machinename, @user_name, @call_site, @threadid, @log_exception, @stacktrace);
      <parameter name="@log_application" layout="BulksignDashboard" />
      <parameter name="@time_stamp" layout="${longdate}" />
      <parameter name="@level" layout="${level}" />
      <parameter name="@logger" layout="${logger}" />
      <parameter name="@message" layout="${message}" />
      <parameter name="@machinename" layout="${machinename}" />
      <parameter name="@user_name" layout="${windows-identity:domain=true}" />
      <parameter name="@call_site" layout="${callsite:filename=true}" />
      <parameter name="@threadid" layout="${threadid}" />
      <parameter name="@log_exception" layout="${exception}" />
      <parameter name="@stacktrace" layout="${stacktrace}" />

Other logging sources ?

Bulksign is using the NLog library for logging, here is a list of additional logging targets that can be configured

IIS application pools

Using the default configuration, the IIS Bulksign app pools are scheduled to restart daily at 02:00 AM.

Antivirus and I/O

For maximum I/O performance, it is recommended to add a exception in your AV software and don't scan the storage folder.

License expiration notifications

If the Bulksign license is about to expire, automated notification emails will be sent to ALL Bulksign administrators from all registered organizations.

  • for trial license, automated emails will be sent daily 1 week before the expiration.

  • for commercial license, 15 automated emails will be sent starting 20 days before the expiration date. Also ,if the number of remaining envelopes falls below 10%, an automatic notification will be sent.