Bulksign hosted on your server

The hosted version of Bulksign is available for all our partners. If you are interested in either trying Bulksign or becoming our partner, please contact us

Software requirements

- Windows Server 2008 or later, Windows 7, 8 or 10 is required

- IIS is required, with support for ASP.NET applications

- Microsoft .NET 4.6 needs to be installed

- SqlServer 2008 or higher is required. Express version of SQLServer are also supported.

- Powershell is required for installation. Also you should enabled Powershell to run unsigned scripts (run "Set-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted" in a Powershell prompt running as administrator)

- Microsoft VC++ 2010 x64 redistributable

Hardware requirements

- quad core 64 bit CPU

- 4 GB of RAM

- storage size depends on how many documents you send for signing. Install size for Bulksign is pretty small , around 250 Mb.

Install instructions

- Create a empty database called Bulksign on your SqlServer instance. We recommand, for security purpose, to create a new user in SQL Server and only give him access to the Bulksign database

- Unzip bulksing***.zip somewhere on your hard drive

- Open a powershell command line as administrator (open cmd.exe and type powershell)

- Navigate to the folder where you unzipped bulksign.zip and run .\installhosted.ps1

- When prompted by installer, paste the connection string for the database created at first step. Here's a connection string example :

data source={{SqlServerName}};initial catalog=Bulksign;persist security info=True;user id={{userId}};password={{Password}};MultipleActiveResultSets=True

- Bulksign will be installed in the following path c:\Program Files\Bulksign and the default browser will be opened pointing at the new installation

- Follow the onscreen instructions to obtain a evaluation license

Configure Bulksign

Bulksign ships with GUI tool for configuration (but you can also edit the json config file directly if you prefer). Run this tool from "c:\Program Files\Bulksign\Tools\config\"

LDAP/Active Directory integration

For integration with LDAP, Bulksign ships with a tools that allows you to import users from Active Directory.

Difference between SAAS and hosted versions

- The hosted version ships with the Twilio provider for sending SMS (you will need a Twilio account to use it ). If you want to use Bulksign with a different provider, you can either implement a new provider or contact us to implement it for you.

- The hosted version doesn't ship with a IP geolocation provider. A custom provider can always be implemented.