Multiple signing flows

BulkSign supports 2 different types of signing flows :

Serial mode : where multiple signers will sign the same document(s) in a predefined sequence.

Bulk mode : where copies of single/multiple document(s) will be signed individually by multiple recipients.

Different file types as input, standard PDF files as output

As input we support multiple filetypes : pdf, MS/Libre Office formats (dox/docx, xls/xlsx, ppt/pptx etc) and images. The output will always be a digitally signed pdf file.


Templates make it easy to re-use documents or a list of recipients multiple times. For example, a quote form or work order template for your company. From a template you can create copies, which will be used with your signers.

Audit Log and History

BulkSign provides an audit log showing the entire history of operations done by both the sender and the signers. This includes uploading, adding elements, viewing, signing, and who took each of these actions. You will also see the date and the IP address.

Bulksign deployed on a private server or on your premise

Feel free to deploy and use Bulksign on your premise , or we can deploy a private Bulksign instance just for you on one of our servers.