User Guide


General Settings

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First and last name : Your first and last name. This information is used into the email sent to recipients.

Email address : Your email address. This cannot be changed after the account is created.

Timezone : Set the timezone of your preference.

Date format : Set your preffered date/time format.

User Interface Language : User interface language.

Default language for email template : The default language for the email notifications.


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A bundle has been opened by the recipient for the first time : enable this to receive a email notification when a recipient is opening a bundle for signing for the first time.

A document has been signed : enable this to receive a email notification whenever a recipient is signing any document.

A bundle i have sent is completed (all recipients signed) : enable this to receive a email notification when a bundle is completed.

A signer has declined to sign : enable this to receive a notification when a recipient declines to sign the bundle.

Api Tokens

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Bulksign allows you to create and manage a list of contacts, so it will be easier for the user to add new recipients to a bundle.
- you can import contacts directly from a CSV file.
- manage the contact list (add/edit/delete) directly from here
- when a user is adding a recipient to a bundle, this will also be added to the contact list.

Choose Signature

choose signature

This allows you to set the visual signature which will be used for all your signed documents. This can be done in 2 ways :

- select one of the predefined signature images generated based on your name.
choose signature

- upload a scanned image of your signature.
choose signature