New BulksignDesktop release

Date : 2023-03-15  Type : Release

We're happy to announce a new release (version Beta4) for Bulksign Desktop. We have added the ability to skip the built-in browser for login and use directly the Bulksign key (this is meant as a workaround since browser login doesn't work on Linux yet).

Version 1.0 is scheduled for release in April and Linux and OSX builds will be made available then.


Date : 2023-02-10  Type : Tech

We wanted to explain our versioning scheme, the changes that trigger a version increase and how this applies to the SDK/Extensibility versions. Basically there are to type of releases :

Hot Fix : which quickly fixes 1 or more bugs. We increment only the minor release number (so, for example, if the current released version is 4.12, the hotfix version will be 4.12.1 )

Feature Release : adds new features or any kind of API changes are made (even minor ones)

The release notes specify the SDK and Extensibility library version referenced in that version. So if you develope a provider or use an API method specific to a certain version, you will need to update to that platform specific version.

Envelope Downloader v2 is out

Date : 2023-02-08  Type : Release

We're happy to announce the release of EnvelopeDownloader v2. This new version of the application is now cross platform (running on Windows, Linux and OSX) and allows anyone to download automatically their completed envelopes from the Bulksign platform. Get it from here

More Builds ?

Date : 2023-01-24  Type : Tech

According to our release notes last year we have shipped 40 builds of the Bulksign platform. Our development process is highly paralled and once a feature is ready and tested we simply release it. We believe is better for our customers and partners to have access ASAP to the features they need rather than wait for big quarterly releases.

Engineering effort was also done to the build time as low as possible. Today a new build for the on-premise version takes ~ 12 minutes from start to finish on our beefy build server.

Version 4.50 is out

Date : 2023-01-17  Type : Release

We are happy to announce the release of the Bulksign platform version 4.50. Last year we have started to port Bulksign from .NET Framework to NET 6 and this release is the culmination of that work.

Overall the porting was an interesting process and we have made some performance improvements along the way. The end result is the fastest Bulksign version we have shipped so far.

As usual, the new version can be downloaded from the release notes page

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