Specific terms

This represents a container used to send one or multiple documents to recipients. The bundle has information about the sender and timestamps to indicate the progress of the delivery procedure. It can contain collections of documents and recipients.

A draft is bundle which wasn't sent yet.

A document that is to be delivered, representing the content to be reviewed and/or signed by one or more recipients.

Someone who receives the bundle and, depending on the settings, can sign the documents. There are 2 types of recipients supported by the Bulksign platform :
- Signer : which sign documents.
- Receives Copy : will receive the final documents after are signed.

A pre-set bundle with specific documents, set recipient roles, recipient routing order, recipient authentication and signing fields. Templates can also contain set signing instructions for the document and signature attachment requests. Templates can be set to allow the sender to make some changes before sending the bundle.


A : Yes, each bundle has a toogable option that ,if enabled, will send the finished document to all signers. This works for both bundle types : serial and bulk.

Yes, automatic reminders are supported (you, as a sender, set the recurrance of days in which these notifications ill be sent). Manual remidners are also supported. You are limited to 1 reminder per day.

Signing flows

A : Bulksign support 2 distinct signing flows :
- serial flow : multiple signers will sign same document one after another.
- bulk flow : multiple signers will each sign a copy of the input document.

A: Yes, we support protecting the documents in 2 ways :
- with password. You, the document sender, can set a password and the signer will have to
- by SMS pin : we send a temporary access pin using SMS to the signer's phone number. The document can only be accessed with that pin.

A: Yes, besides signing documents, form filling is also supported.

General functionality

A: Bulksign supports digital signatures. See also the differences

A : Yes, multiple documents can be bundled together. See the "Bundle" definition.

A: Absolutely, we support all MS Office, text and images as input and convert those to pdf documents.

A: Yes.

A: Absolutely. We support Dropbox, OneDrive and Box. Others will be added soon.

A: Absolutely. You have access to a recipients address book.


A: Yes